Powerful, Energetic and in Balance by Qigong, Yoga, Mindfulness and TuiNa Massage!

Qi EnergyFlow

At Qi EnergyFlow, personal attention is the key. I, Esther Speet - professional teacher and certified masseur, will help you in an effective way to relax deeper, to become more poweful in your daily life and to enlarge your consciousness.

Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is a beautiful Chinese meditative form of movement that contributes significantly to the health of body and mind and is practiced by millions of people all over the world.
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Minfulness gives you the opportunity to become fully aware of your attention in the “here and now” without judging.
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Yoga invites you to perform excersises within your own borders with attention to your  body, emotions and thoughts and while doing them, to breathe thoroughly and give yourself space. 

TuiNa Massage

TuiNa is one of the therapies that belong to the traditional Chinese medicine. It stimulates the free flow of energy (Qi) and blood through the body.

Unique travels

Group tours to special and beautiful places in outside countries. The combination of physical exercise and mental relaxation makes this kind of tours very valuable. 

At work

Stress is reduced and relaxation increases at work by simple Zhineng Qigong and Mindfulness exercises.


Jacqueline (TuiNa Massage): The massage you gave me last week was fantastic. Surprising to me were the questions beforehand that enabled you to ascertain which massage would fit…


Introductionclass Mindful Meditation (free)
Saturday Februari 14th, 2015

Mindful Meditation Course
Saturday Februari 28th - Mei 9th, 2015
Tuesday March 3th - 12th Mei, 2015

Zhineng Qigong workshop with Chinese teacher Tao on March 7th, 2015

Basicworkshop Zhineng Qigong -
Sunday March 8th, 2015

Neck, Shoulders and Back workshop -
Saturday March 21th, 2015

Retreat in Auroville, India
September 8th - 22th, 2015

Grouptravel Bali & Gili Air (Indonesia) 
Mei 3th - 23th, 2016

Classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Free try out class!

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  • "The secret to finding the deeper level in the other is finding the deeper level in yourself, without that, you cannot see it in the other." - 
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