Mindfulness: bewust aanwezig zijn in het 'Hier en Nu' | Qi EnergyFlow


Where your attention is......that’s where you are! We all know experiences of being fully present: a breathtaking sunset, beautiful music or any other intense experience. In those moments, our mind is mostly at ease and our attention is totally focused. We taste the richness of the moment. Mindfulness simply means that you are aware of a current experience. One good say that it is a meditative state of being both fully aware of the moment and of being self-conscious of- and attentive to this awareness. Indeed, a state or quality to be mindful. By directing your attention more often, you learn to move away from nasty and unwelcome thoughts in your head. You can reach a better concentration, you relax easier and your mind is calm.

By Mindfulness it is easier to cope with those moments in which things are not going the way you want. Mindfulness offers you a choice. Do you let yourself get carried away by the old patterns of thinking and doing or do you open yourself to become fully aware of the experiences that occur here and now? So what you see, hear, feel and taste at that particular moment. Being more often aware like this gives you a milder view on things and an opportunity to guard your own limits in the admissibility of stress. In doing so, you deal in a different way with thoughts that lead to gloom and fear.

Mindfulness unites Oriental insight and Western psychological methods and is based on results of scientific research. Meanwhile it has become a familiar approach in the Netherlands.

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