Yoga | Qi EnergyFlow Almere


Translated from Sanskrit, the meaning of Yoga is: to associate, combine and connect, This is reflected in bringing together the internal and external world, the mind and body, the left and rigt side of the body and the connection between consciousness and subconsciousness. Yoga helps you to live your life out of your own power with fun and in a relaxed way. In excercising Yoga, you feel more energetic, powerful, flexible, cheerful and better in balance.

A lesson consists of meditation, asana’s (body postures) and pranayama’s (breathing excersises). The body postures will have influence on a physical, emotional and mental level. They have effect on all parts of the body, they strengthen muscles and joints and they make your spine and bones more resilient.
The breathing exercises give you more energy and will bring you more emotional balance and stillness. 

Yoga invites you to perform excersises within your own borders with attention to your  body, emotions and thoughts and while doing them, to breathe thoroughly and give yourself space.