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Qi EnergyFlow Reactions

Jacqueline (TuiNa Massage)

"The massage you gave me last week was fantastic. Surprising to me were the questions beforehand that enabled you to ascertain which massage would fit me best. Subsequently, a very respectful and caring massage. It was not painful, but with enough pressure on points where it was needed. During the rest of the day the effect showed itself in my staying very relaxed afterwards, followed by a good night’s rest. Again thank you enormously, I can recommend it to everyone! "

Beverly (Zhineng Qigong workshop)

"I found this basic workshop to be a delightful experience, something new! Meditating, but in a different way. I am the kind of person that likes these spiritual things. Need it very much to calm myself down, because I have a lot on my mind ;) I think you are a fine person, you radiate quietness."

Karin (Zhineng Qigong workshop)

"I have experienced this workshop as very nice. I feel more anchored and relaxed than a while back. I found you to be a very engaged teacher, who explained the exercises in a calm and clear manner and reacted with an open mind to questions etcetera. I liked it that you stopped by from time to time to correct. To me, your knowledge, capability and eagerness to learn about the Zhineng were very positive."

Wim (Zhineng Qigong workshop)

"I really breathe a bit better thanks to you. A lot of people probably share my experience. "

Isabel (Zhineng Qigong)

"I am a matter-of-fact woman of Frisian descent with the idea of “to act normally is already crazy enough”. In spite of my matter-of-fact attitude, I became depressed after a far-reaching event. At first, you think ‘I can make it on my own, no help needed, will do it myself’. Until I ran into a wall of frustrations and indirectly came into contact with Esther Speet, who gives Zhineng lessons. As a matter-of-fact person I don’t believe at all in very fuzzy goings-on. But after insistence/advice I have gone to the lessons and what a relief! No fuzzy business at all, but an hour relaxation of your body and mind. These lessons are a gift to yourself and really recommendable. It helped me a lot at least. I am back on my feet again and I am able to look forward to life with a smile!! " (Neck, Shoulders and Spine workshop)

"Article on the Neck, Shoulders and Spine workshop, Zhineng Qigong: http//"

Stéphanie (Zhineng Qigong)

"Zhineng Qigong means relaxation to me: stopping all your thoughts for a while by shifting your focus to physical movements. Qi (energy) cannot be measured and I am sceptic towards this kind of matters. However, I can’t deny that Zhineng Qigong brings me more rest. Reason enough for me to go on with it. With her positive energy, Esther knows how to give the lessons an extra dimension."

Marloes (Zhineng Qigong)

"In the winter of 2013 I started with a try-out lesson by Esther. The effect was surprising! The next day I still felt full of new energy. This is a coincidence, I thought, but not so. Meanwhile I have built Zhineng Qigong into my daily life, as energy, calm, and balance for body and mind do form a wonderful daily gift. Each week, Esther gives an inspiring lesson in her own way. "

Astrid (Zhineng Qigong)

"Again I have enjoyed your lesson. Quietly and comfortably, you “talked me through” the movements. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Because of this, there is a pleasant atmosphere during and after the lessons. Until next week! "

Jacq (Zhineng Qigong workshop)

"Through Esther I came in contact with Zhineng Qigong. During solid group classes, Esther’s positive prominent energy radiates immediately. From the first moment Esther told me about Zhineng Qigong I was very interested. I attended two very inspiring workshops. Zhineng Qigong has become a valuable asset and enrichment to my daily life."

Armand (Zhineng Qigong)

"Esther had invited me and my wife to a trial lesson. Because I didn’t want to dissapoint my wife and Esther, I went along. At the end I felt more energetic than before the exercises. I can recommend Zhineng Qigong to anyone. You will be amazed how you feel at the end of the exercises!”"

Petra (Zhineng Qigong workshop)

"I attended one of Esther’s introduction workshops. She accompanies you in performing the exercises in a professional and warm way. No matter what level you have, you can interpret the exercises from your own background; so, to my suprise, I could use my yoga experience. The workshop was a nice way to become more aware of myself."

Sylvia (Zhineng Qigong workshop)

"I attended one of Esther’s lessons. After a cordial and warm welcome, Esther gave a clear explanation on the basics of Zhineng Qigong. After this we started. For me this was a first introduction to this Chinese exercises. There were quite a number of exercises, all accompanied by Esther’s calm voice. I've got tastes like more. The exercises made me feel very relaxed! "